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Are you a fan of instrumental rock music ... like the first releases of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani? Olaf Urban could be another artist matching to your taste. His music is progressive and rough ... sometimes catchy, sometimes extravagant ... from blues to hard rock.

"Six String Demonization" and "El Alemán" are the titles of the actually published CDs. You can find more infos about the CDs and songs in the "Music & Video" section of this website.

Demo tracks of both CDs are located in the "Downloads" section as well as on iTunes, Musicload, Amazon or any other important music portal. If you want to buy the CDs digitally, these portals are your channels too. If you prefer to hold a "real" CD in your hands, you can order both releases via UJM-Records.


Olaf Urban started playing guitar when he was six years old. He was learning classical guitar and music theory for seven years in the local college of his hometown Duesseldorf in Germany.

At the age of 14 years he founded his first rock'n'roll band "Rough Stuff" and released his first studio recording. He already was able to collect extensive stage experience with this group. Two years later he joined "Believer" and signed his first record contract. There he played with musicians such as Ulli Rohmann, the lead singer of the internationally successful band "Lions Breed"

In the late 80's Olaf Urban decided working as a professional musician. This was followed by engagements as guitarist and bass player with various bands (such as "Stallion" and "Frantic ") with some vinyl releases. He could work as a studio musician too, with a wide variety of both national and international productions.

In the 90's he formed the band "Cash Money Brothers" with Guido Conrad (today's drummer of "Leo Can Dive"). After the successful release of the CD "The adventures of the Cash Money Brothers" the group was able to play in front of large audiences up to 10.000 people. These included local open-air festivals as well as shows in larger venues.

With the start of the new century there was a shift in the career of Olaf Urban. He worked increasingly as a music producer and studio musician with different projects and with various bands. At this time he started developing his unique guitar style. In 2005 he joined "Faster But Slower" playing shows with such bands as "Vader", Farmer Boys" or "Weissglut". In the years 2006 through 2008 they released CDs and DVDs worldwide, as well as continuing touring throughout Germany. The release-tour of their 3rd album "Reconstructed" was very successfull, playing shows with bands like "N.O.M." or the German legend "Extrabreit".

The year 2008 was one of the most important in the musical career of Olaf Urban, because he finally released his first solo album "Six String Demonization". Even if the CD was actually designed as a pure studio album, it gained international success. As a further result of the release Olaf Urban was invited by radio stations in South America and clubs in the US, as well as for participating on seminaries and studio sessions throughout Europe. Just to mention one example, the song "Rosemary's Dance" was the opening track of the Venezuelan radio show "El ABC del Rock" and therefore being broadcasted weekly in 2008.

In 2011 the second solo album "El Alemán" was released, which is atmospherically not quite as dark as the first one. It contains a bit more blues and funk elements, but always within the context of progressive and instrumental hard rock music. All friends of fast lead guitars and catchy melodies are well served with "El Alemán".